meldCX Partners with Cisco Meraki, Offering Ready-to-Deploy Edge Solutions

Published on
April 29, 2021
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  • A joint mission to make AI & IoT deployments easy
  • Off-the-shelf bundled software & hardware solutions
  • Available to purchase from authorised partners 

MELBOURNE, 29 April 2021 — The AI market is moving from the “early adopter” phase towards an “early majority” phase. With a more maturing set of solutions available, the global total spend on AI technologies is expected to rise to US$97.9 billion by 2023 — double of what it was in 2019. As customers expect better service, more convenience and personalization, businesses are encouraged to adapt or be lost in a sea of late adopters. 

meldCX is in the business of helping other businesses excel at customer experience through AI and intelligent edge technologies; creating innovative, scalable and infinitely customizable solutions for our customers.

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS), the meldCX Core Platform, focuses on Chrome and Android OS’, making unattended devices such as digital signage and kiosks secure and manageable. We are PCI level one compliant with granular control over devices, applications and peripherals which recently led to our selection for the Australia Post smart parcel kiosk, dubbed the ‘SALi kiosk’ (Smart Automated Lodgement API). 

Our Software as a Service (SaaS), Viana™, is a computer vision platform built on Intel’s OpenVINO and Microsoft’s Azure IoT technologies. We marry these with a solutions based approach - approaching customer pain points with a goal of delivering a high degree of value in a short time frame through synthetic data creation/annotation and AI/ML model training.

meldCX have recently announced our partnership with Cisco Meraki to offer off-the-shelf bundled solutions. Cisco Meraki’s range of powerful hardware combined with meldCX edge technologies work together to bring market-ready solutions forward.

Click here to explore our products in the Cisco Meraki marketplace.

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