Providing a safe and secure environment for all

Increase efficiency and value in the delivery of patient services with intelligent edge technology.

Deliver healthcare excellence

Nurses at a major Australian aged care facility saves up to two hours a day after shifting their entire system to meldCX. Now, looking up and updating patients' progress can be done anytime, from anywhere.


reduction in accidental and under dosages

meldCX Healthcare Solution

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Patient data from a single pane of glass

Equip healthcare staff with easy access to patient data. The meldCX platform enables secure, streamlined management of data, ensuring that everything is accurate and up to date.

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Antimicrobial & antiviral protection

Protect your touch screen devices with antimicrobial screen protectors -- powerful enough to kill up to 99.99% of surface bacteria.

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Proactive surface cleanup

SAMi, a new feature of Viana™ a product of meldCX, continually monitors surface touches in public spaces and makes them visible, allowing your team to focus their cleaning efforts, while also tracking compliance.

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Digital visitor sign-in

Touch-enabled, digital self-service reception solutions allow visitors to announce their arrival and enable centralized management.

Why meldCX

Equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools and technologies to do their job safely and well.

Improve patient care

Delivering service excellence is a priority for healthcare providers. meldCX makes it simple to develop, deploy and manage applications and IoT solutions for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organisations.
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Deploy secure, robust solutions

meldCX delivers unprecedented levels of security and robustness. We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform and therefore your apps are secure, robust, and continually improving. And our web-based dashboard means you’re always in control.
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Streamline communications

Let meldCX improve communications and reduce the administrative burden on staff with new capabilities such as machine learning, self-service and digital content management.
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