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Creating AI and vision-driven solutions without technical barriers

March 29, 2022
4 minutes
4 Minutes
Through low-code/no-code systems, organizations can capitalize on the benefits of IoT and AI technologies.

RBR, Intel & meldCX: Turn data stories into actionable insights

June 8, 2021
21 minutes
4 Minutes
A recap of RBR's Self-Service Banking 2021 webinar. Brought to you by RBR, Intel & meldCX.

Machine Learning behind the scenes: Playing with synthetic data

November 11, 2020
2 minutes
4 Minutes
Let's take a dive into machine learning! Here we take a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of our own process — how we gather data and teach our machine learning models.

How to clean and disinfect your AOPEN devices

March 20, 2020
1 minute
4 Minutes
Recommendations for cleaning your AOPEN devices, including disinfecting the surface of your AOPEN touch panels.

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