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Artificial Intelligence: Facilitating the Omni-channel Experience

December 2, 2021
17 minutes
4 Minutes
In this session, learn how enterprise organizations use their endpoints to redesign their in-store customer journey, expand their dark warehouses and facilitate the omni-channel experience with vision AI.

Intel AI Summit: Accelerating the IoT Journey with AI Building Blocks

November 17, 2021
18 minutes
4 Minutes
Life on the edge! Discover how we've deployed AI solutions on Intel technology for the likes of Australia Post and Westpac, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them.

Ingram Micro ONE: Big Data & AI Drives Actionable Insights

November 16, 2021
13 minutes
4 Minutes
In this session, we will show you how organizations can harness actionable insights from their data stories using single-endpoint artificial intelligence solutions that are simple to use, fast deploying, and secure from the ground up.

Snowflake Build Summit: Bridging the physical to digital using computer vision models on Snowflake

October 12, 2021
31 minutes
4 Minutes
Watch this session to hear how meldCX built Viana™, a vision analytics product to measure how people work, shop, learn, and play in physical and digital spaces using Snowflake.

Computer Vision and AI Increases Customer Conversion for Retail

October 7, 2021
47 minutes
4 Minutes
See how meldCX & Yellowfin BI have delivered off-the-shelf AI solutions for major Australian retailers, increasing conversions through gathering real-time insights.

Supercharge your device network with AI capabilities

August 25, 2021
58 minutes
4 Minutes
While the cloud has quickly become indispensable technology, challenges around latency, cost and complexity clear the way for something else to drive connected technology innovation: edge computing.

Turn data stories into actionable insights

June 8, 2021
21 minutes
4 Minutes
A recap of RBR's Self-Service Banking 2021 webinar. Brought to you by RBR, Intel & meldCX.

Machine Learning behind the scenes: Playing with synthetic data

November 11, 2020
2 minutes
4 Minutes
Let's take a dive into machine learning! Here we take a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of our own process — how we gather data and teach our machine learning models.

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