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Education is one of the fastest-growing and competitive industries globally. IoT applications in education can revolutionize learning, and will increasingly be the foundation of smart classrooms at all levels of education.


of learning specialists believe IoT technology will transform education within the next couple of years.

meldCX Education Solution

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Customize Communications

Deliver personalized content and craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience.

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Connect existing infrastructure easily

meldCX has a range of device peripherals and 3rd party integrations in our product suite. Maximise your existing infrastructure and get access to applications via the platform.

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Track all events via a centralized dashboard

This addresses an important security and audit purpose for our enterprise customers so they can track what action was taken when, and by whom.

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Connect every touch point, Effortlessly

Use the meldCX platform to connect every touch point, from digital signage, in-room teaching tablets, to self-service kiosks so that your campus can place students at the center of everything, and drive breakthrough performance across the student life cycle.

Why meldCX

Use the platform and functionality to put your students first in every decision

Extremely high levels of security and robustness

meldCX delivers unprecedented levels of security and robustness. We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform and therefore your apps are secure, robust, and continually improving. Our web-based dashboard means you’re always in control.
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Create compelling experiences for students

Today’s students spend around nine hours a day in front of a screen. meldCX makes it easy to deliver learning in a compelling and interactive way, with rich, interactive and dynamically targeted content.
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Interoperability, flexibility & scalability

Flexibly configure customisable events to monitor on a per team and/or per individual basis across technology from multiple vendors and interoperable apps. Use the meldCX platform to empower your support and operations team.
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