Drive awareness and acquisition with smarter targeting

meldCX enables your business to create engaging customer experiences and drive sales.

Reduce loss and improve the customer experience

Help your business overcome the complexity of supply chain environments, and significantly reduce the $4.5 billion retailers lose to shrinkage every year.

Learn more from Prolife Foods, who used the meldCX platform to accelerate the adoption of IoT machine learning across retail and supply chain by unlocking the power of AI.

“We cut analysis time from six seconds per product to six products per second”
- Ian Jackson,General Manager, Prolife Foods


reduction in product detection time

meldCX Retail Solution

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Intelligent advertising

Combine audience data and proof of play to deliver eyeball-to-content and actionable content effective insights.

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Easy deployment of AI and machine learning

Applied IOT solutions are increasing customer engagement and driving sales. meldCX makes it simpler and more cost-effective for retailers to develop, deploy and manage applications and IoT solutions.

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Frictionless retail innovation

Delight your customer and tailor their experience by connecting your existing application with a suite of meldCX compatible integrations designed to enhance every customer interaction, with features that allow you to continue to operate safely without compromising on customer service.

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Reinvent the Physical store and transform digital experiences

Use the meldCX core platform to make the shopping experience seamless across web, social, mobile and the physical store. Enable the omnichannel shopping experience that lets shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell anywhere.

Why meldCX

Create engaging customer experiences and drive sales.

Enjoy the competitive advantage

The future of in-store retail is exciting, and meldCX allows you to leap the development curve and focus on what is unique to your brand. meldCX offers better and faster testing, and rapid zero-touch deployment and maintenance.
Retail solutions

Capitalise – grow your business and profitability

With meldCX, there is a need to build what everyone else is building. We’ll keep the lights on so you can get apps out the door much more quickly to keep your brand ahead of the market, and improve your customer experience
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Create personalised, in-store experiences

Let meldCX take your retail business to the next level with new capabilities such as machine learning, self-service ordering, and digital content management. The only limit is your imagination.
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Digitize the In-Store Shopping Experience

Utilize meldCX building blocks and design your ideal customer experience

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