Accelerate and scale your business with the meldCX platform.

Build commercial apps that are secure, robust, a breeze to manage, and take a fraction of traditional development time for digital signs, POS and self-service kiosks.

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meldCX maintains a consistent foundation across all OS so you can focus on your app. We’ve built the stack, so you can build the app.

Integrated Software Vendor

meldCX gives your developers a single platform to build commercial endpoint apps with the technology they know and love. Build, test, and deploy with zero touch for acceleration and scalability.


meldCX will change the way you deliver great apps to your clients. Access the innovation and bandwidth to develop better apps faster with lower operational costs.

Enterprise Customer

meldCX eliminates tech-debt from your team by letting your business create and manage apps quickly and cost-effectively. We focus on the OS and management, so your team can focus on delivering value to your customers.


Save time and focus on development that adds value


Fast, fail-safe deployment and ongoing zero-touch maintenance


Grow your business more quickly, more easily, more profitably

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