Improve business performance through machine learning and vision AI

Use meldCX building blocks to create solutions suited to the new lifestyle - where people will prefer a no-touch experience, interact with their devices via face and gestures, and expect to move in a world that knows them and is prepared to serve them.

Increase customer expectations

A critical component for delivering a great omnichannel experience is bringing hyperlocal, personalized experiences to the customer—both in store and online. This requires a granular understanding of the customer's decision journey to quickly identify and predict where their demand is going. Retailers and brands have a unique opportunity to meet demand by using machine learning and vision AI to drive the right messaging, content, and customer promise.


of customers would switch brands to those who sent them relevant messaging
Periscope & Mckinsey Research 2020

meldCX Machine Learning Solutions

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Unlock the potential of your existing devices with the Viana platform. Give your team the confidence to make valuable, insightful and data-driven decisions.

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Sami for devices

Control, manage and monitor all your devices on the network.

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Sami for Environments

Cameras and vision AI anonymously track human activity in any environment to assist in maintaining a clean and safe space.

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meldCX Smart Scale Solution

Tailored especially for the retail vertical, the meldCX smart scale system that can detect produce and/or items quickly and accurately via machine vision technology on the meldCX platform without retailers having to write a single line of code.

A flexible machine learning and vision AI solution

Use the meldCX machine learning packages to rapidly build a fully functioning solution that offers a wide range of actions and accelerates your solution’s time to value.

Consume anonymous data without the need for developers

By using meldCX’s machine learning and vision AI product packages, your business can use meldCX’s building blocks to deliver a Vision AI application without writing a single line of code, and customize only what’s necessary to meet your specific needs.

Blend and manipulate your own machine learning models

Our Viana Platform hosts the Blender module – a collection of every single machine learning model we have ever launched.

Users can “blend” models to create a model stack. This stack can then be launched to any active compatible device in their network.

Blender makes it super easy for anyone to play around with AI – no ML certificate required.

Apply your business rules at the edge

Our solution combines intelligence from the cloud with processing at the edge. This speeds up the inference process and allows customers to apply business rules at the edge and allow flexibility in pivoting decisions according to the business need.
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