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The meldCX platform gives you unprecedented scale to keep your business ahead of the market, sharpen your competitive edge and improve your margins

Innovate the way you innovate

Focus on your ideal customer experience and let us do the rest.
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One bundled platform to increase your capability

meldCX Core Platform makes installing, scheduling and managing applications on your network easier, giving your team more time to focus on what matters.

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Leverage meldCX digital building blocks to give your application additional functionality

Get apps out the door quicker with a platform and add on applications that deliver unprecedented scale to increase your business and improve your margins.


Extremely high levels of security and robustness

meldCX is always collaborating with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform is secure, robust, and continually improving.

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Eliminate blockers to development and deployment

Get access to a wide range of device libraries including peripheral drivers that allow you to deliver feature rich, secure apps to your customers quickly.

Why meldCX

Grow your business more quickly, more easily and more profitably.

Apps built on meldCX will give you access to actionable customer data

Easy standardisation, better and faster testing, rapid zero-touch deployment and maintenance. Use meldCX’s web-based dashboard to remotely control everything from scheduling and configuring multiple apps whilst receiving in-depth analytics and device health data from the meldCX Cloud Console
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Unleash the power of your data

As part of our SAAS offering, Viana, short for Vision Analytics, offers Anonymous Vision Analytics and real time insights. High-performance face mapping extracts predefined human data without keeping any identifiable information.
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Harness the latest in cloud computing technology and inferences at the edge for your business

meldCX is closely aligned with various strategic technology leaders like Google, Intel, Microsoft ensuring that your business is kept up to date with best of breed industry practices and trends.
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