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Australia Post + meldCX:
Reimagining package shipping

Thanks to the meldCX Concept SALi, Australia Post reduces post office queue times by 67%
reduction in queues
< 2 minutes
package scanning
accuracy in recognising handwritten labels

“meldCX’s Concept SALi makes it much easier and faster for customers to lodge parcels and provides more features that customers want, such as bulk lodgement.”

david mcnamara (General Manager, post office network, australia post)
meldCX: Concept SALi (Smart Automated Lodgement API)
SALi Game Engine by meldCX


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The Client

The Australia Post, formally the Australian Postal Corporation, is the number one provider of postal services in Australia. Considered an essential service with over 4332 post offices across Australia, Australia Post’s mission is bound to its social purpose and mission to link Australian communities together.

The Opportunity

Increased post office traffic means staff are being overworked and customers are waiting for longer periods of time to get their parcels delivered. To reduce person-to-person contact and increase post office efficiency, Australia Post was looking to shift operations of parcel delivery lodge to a digital based model.

The Solution

Concept SALi (short for Smart Automated Lodgement API) is a self-service kiosk that will transform postal service and delivery by reducing the time it takes to scan the address written on a package and further automating the package delivery process. Concept SALi kiosks use powerful machine learning and computer vision technology to scan and detect each package––automatically verifying its size, weight, handwritten information, the sender's identity and shipping cost. This removes the guesswork, manual entry and complexity from shipping a package for customers and Australia Post employees.

"We want to keep delivering outstanding customer experiences to support our growth, which is where meldCX comes in”
David McNamara
General Manager (Post Office Network) Australia Post

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