Develop, deploy and manage with ease

meldCX’s cloud-based API will change the way your company develops, deploys and manages apps on commercial devices.

Secure Device Onboarding and Offboarding

Configure and add authorized devices into the network simply and securely. Similarly, offboard unused devices all within the platform.

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Streamline Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Utilize a single dashboard with a view of all network traffic, registered devices, and their status.

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Simplify Deployment of Applications

Seamlessly deploy and scale IoT applications to adapt to changes in your business requirements.

Mitigate Security Risks

Access simplified provisioning, centralized management, and real-time insights into all current devices and integrations.

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Accelerate Time-to-Market and Reduce Costs

The out-of-the-box network and device management platform helps developers to shorten development and testing time to bring products to the market quickly and cost-effectively.

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Future-Proof Architecture

Readily roll out large-scale deployments and supercharge future growth of your IoT solution.

You're in good company

Deployed in over 4 continents, more and more businesses are choosing meldCX
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The meldCX Core Platform

We’ve built an incredible stack, so you can build incredible apps.
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Find and integrate with meldCX compatible 3rd party software to expand the use case for your application.
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Deliver integrated insights from your applications and devices. Reflected in a single dashboard, the meldCX Cloud Console.
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AgentM sits on the device acting as a service that connects to the mCloud so you can use it remotely to configure and control each device, including power states, app configuration, and the app scheduler
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Understand your device health, remotely reboot devices via the Cloud Console
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Control and manage applications, schedule content, and troubleshoot remotely through the Cloud Console.
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Zero-configuration connection of peripheral tools like printers, card scanners and cameras to central devices like digital signage or kiosks.
meldCX Core Environment

How does it work?

Create innovative, scalable and infinitely customizable solutions for your customers.

Notifications Center

Flexibly configure customizable events to monitor and alert your support and operations team to proactively address issues based on business parameters and get ahead of inbound support requests.
Policies and Notification Center
meldCX Cloud Console Integrations


Find, discover and connect with the tools you need to grow. Expand your commercial application features with meldCX compatible 3rd party software.

Audit Trail

Addresses an important security and audit purpose for enterprise businesses so you can track what action was taken when, and by whom and extract the data.
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The meldCX Emulator

Allow your team to develop without the normal constraint of a physical development setup. Your developers can run a local development environment and enable their applications to interact with the agentM APIs.

Designed for Developers

Rapidly build production-ready applications with any operating system and language. Using meldCX’s cloud-based API means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on customer experience.
  • Developer Portal
    API Emulator
    Debugging Tools
    Live App Logs
    Offline App Logs
// Example for reading the card RFID card data with skipReadData = true
const readCard = async () => {
   const result = await, undefined, undefined, {
      skipInsert: true,
      skipRemove: true,
      skipRelease: true,
      skipReadData: true
// Console Output
   sectors: [],
   type: 'Mifare S50 1K Card',
   capacity: 1024

Security and compliance-focused solutions

The meldCX Core platform meets the highest certification standards to help you stay ahead and stay compliant.
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Security first

  • User & Device Certificates
    PKI Certificate Authority
    Secure Tokens
    TPM Secured Private Keys
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Compliance at the core

  • ADA Compliant
    PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
    EMV Compliant
    Cyber Security Compliant
    GDPR Compliant

The Complete Package

Let the meldCX Core Platform handle the heavy lifting while you utilize a range of modules to build your digital transformation applications.
Dev Tools
  • Developer Portal
  • API Emulator
  • Debugging Tools
  • Live App Logs
  • Offline App Logs
Universal API
  • Device
  • Drivers
  • Payments
  • Analytics
  • OS Updates
  • App Updates
  • Firmware Updates
Quality Assurance
  • OS Update Approval
  • Factory QA App
  • System Self Test App
  • Preflight Checks App
  • Network Diagnostics
  • OS Diagnostics
  • App Diagnostics
  • Peripheral Self Test
App Store
  • Chrome Apps
  • Android Apps
  • PWA
  • URL Apps
  • Bundled Apps
  • Service Apps
  • Zendesk
  • Service Now
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Online
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Clicks
  • Device
  • Application
  • Peripheral
  • Factory
Business Intelligence
  • Enrich
  • Transform
  • Visualize

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