Develop, deploy and manage with ease

meldCX’s web-based API will change the way your company develops, deploys and manages apps on commercial devices. Development is rapid, devices are locked down, and a single dashboard allows you to deploy and manage devices remotely, scaling up easily and quickly.
utilise existing models

Develop and Build Applications without managing infrastructure

Focus on your application and utilize meldCX to manage operating system updates and testing. Use a range of features within the meldCX platform like analytics, notifications and audit trail to build with ease, maximizing time focusing on your users

create new models

Deploy and manage applications

Zero touch onboarding allows customers to deploy, provision and schedule commercial applications remotely and easily across your fleet. Assign content and troubleshoot remotely through the meldCX Cloud Console in real time.

apply business rules

Manage device, peripheral and application insights through easy-to-use dashboards

Visualize your data and monitor your rollouts lifecycle with ease. Extend capabilities with the API integration enabling your operations or development teams to build their own dashboards.

The meldCX Platform

We’ve built an incredible stack, so you can build incredible apps.
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Find and integrate with meldCX compatible 3rd party software to expand the use case for your application.
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Deliver integrated insights from your applications and devices. Reflected in a single dashboard, the meldCX Cloud Console.
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AgentM sits on the device acting as a service that connects to the mCloud so you can use it remotely to configure and control each device, including power states, app configuration, and the app scheduler
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Understand your device health, remotely reboot devices via the Cloud Console
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Control and manage applications, schedule content, and troubleshoot remotely through the Cloud Console.
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Zero-configuration connection of peripheral tools like printers, card scanners and cameras to central devices like digital signage or kiosks.
meldCX Core Environment

How does it work?

We’ve built an incredible stack so you can build incredible apps.
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Notifications Center

Empower your support and operations team to proactively address issues based on business parameters and get ahead of inbound support requests. Flexibly configure customizable events to monitor on a per team and/or per individual basis across technology from multiple vendors and interoperable apps.

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Audit Trail

Addresses an important security and audit purpose for our enterprise customers so they can track what action was taken when, and by whom and extract all of that information.

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Find, discover and connect with the tools you need to grow. Expand your commercial application features with meldCX compatible 3rd party software.

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The meldCX Emulator

Enable development without the normal constraint of a physical development setup. Developers can run their local development environment and enable their applications to interact with the agentM APIs.

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The mLibrary grows your tool set making it faster and easier to get straight to building great experiences. Providing easy to use Javascript APIs for traditionally complex things such as peripheral. management and usage, payment processing, and data storage.

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AgentM sits on the device acting as a service that connects to the mCloud so you can use it remotely to configure each device, including power states, app configuration, and the app scheduler.

Applied IoT made simple with meldCX Platform

meldCX makes the device OS agnostic and we cut our deployment time from 45 minutes to 45 seconds.

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