Empower customers,
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meldCX enables interactive kiosks and self-service screens, which increase sales and engagement while reducing customer frustration and labour costs.

Increase customer expectations

Customers expect fast, high quality service and instant information. Self-service ordering empowers customers to locate products and place orders without staff assistance. Kiosks are also a powerful way to capture customer data and serve up targeted promotions.


of retailers worldwide are ready to invest in IoT technologies to revolutionize the customer experience. *

meldCX Kiosk Solutions

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From interactive kiosks and self-service screens to digital menu boards and personalised promotions.

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Visitor Sign-In

Touch-enabled, digital self-service reception solutions allow visitors to announce their arrival and enable centralised management.

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Smart POS

Point of Sale screens speed up the customer buying experience and improve overall brand perception

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Proactive Cleaning

Give your customers and employees the confidence to interact in your public spaces.

Why meldCX

Discover how meldCX helps you exceed your customers' expectations

Create personalized customer experiences

meldCX enables you to create rich, interactive experiences, and take messaging to the next level. With better and faster testing, rapid zero-touch deployment and maintenance, meldCX lets exceed expectations.
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The only limit is your imagination

Let meldCX take your business to the next level with new capabilities such as machine learning, self-service ordering, and digital content management.
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Deploy secure, robust solutions

meldCX delivers unprecedented levels of security and robustness. We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform and therefore your apps are secure, robust, and continually improving.
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Capitalize – grow your business and profitability

With meldCX, there is no need to build what everyone else is building. We’ll keep the lights on so you can get apps out the door much more quickly to keep your brand ahead of the market, and improve your customer experience.
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