Turn your data stories into actionable insights

Viana™ AI technology uses high-performance face mapping and detection that extracts and converts human data to metric data. It’s completely anonymous, so no identifiable information is captured.
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Tell timely data stories about your customers

Viana™ lets you see data snapshots about your network and gain insights on store traffic, customer activity and interaction with content inside your stores

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Set up your own without the need for developers

Viana™ is a digital building block in the meldCX suite of products that empowers you to leverage vision analytics software through a simple and straightforward interface.

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Easy retrofit for existing hardware

Our vision AI technology is designed to run on minimal system requirements and can seamlessly integrate into any of your existing devices – no need to replace anything.

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Anonymous vision analytics

High-performance face mapping extracts predefined human data without keeping any identifiable information

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Real-Time Insights

Viana™ brings you up-to-date information right on your screen as it is happening anytime, anywhere in your network

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Single Click Install

Hassle free setup and login to get Viana™ up-and-running before your coffee gets cold

Turn your data stories into actionable insights

Viana™ gives you the right insights anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Anonymous data capture

Our advanced vision AI captures human characteristics based on preset parameters, and uses edge inferencing for faster data processing.
viana asset detection

Edge computing

High-powered servers host our secure data warehouse and harness the latest cloud computing technology to produce accurate real time reports.
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Understand your data story

Automated data analysis and visualization create insights and actionable data stories for business leaders, managers and staff.
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Target Use Cases

Get to know your audience and exactly what they like.
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Feature Recognition
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Age & Gender Identification
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Gender Identification
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Parking Management
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Self Checkout & Kiosks
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Smart POS
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access control key icon
Access Control
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Production Line

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