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Australia Post’s smart kiosks use powerful machine learning and computer vision technology from meldCX to scan and detect each package –– automatically verifying its size, weight, handwritten information, the sender's identity and shipping cost. This removes the guesswork, manual entry and complexity from shipping a package for customers and post office employees.


increase in online retail sales in 2011*
* NAB Online Retail Sales Index

meldCX Government Solution

create new models

machine learning & AI

Rapidly and securely deploy machine learning and AI solutions with meldCX’s existing API toolkit.

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Anonymous Vision Analytics

Measure how people work, shop, learn and play in physical spaces with Viana™ a product of meldCX.

apply business rules

Room & Building Control

IoT-ready building control solutions offer energy and maintenance savings, and enhance user experiences.

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Proactive surface cleanup

Protect the public and maintain cleaning compliance with meldCX’s intelligent surface touch monitoring module. Know exactly when and where to clean.

Why meldCX

A secure foundation to leverage IoT for improved services and enhanced liveability for citizens.

Improve citizen engagement

Provide an efficient and more accessible way to offer government services. Have access to our fleet of existing SaaS modules, or build your own smart, secure apps with the meldCX Platform.
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Secure development and deployment of digital IoT solutions

Leave meldCX to take care of the mundane and complex tasks of reliability and security. meldCX maintains a consistent foundation across all OS so you can speed up the development with our prefabricated components, and focus on user experience.
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Official Microsoft, Google and Intel partner

We’re in continuous collaboration with global technology leaders to ensure that our platform and therefore your apps are secure, robust, and continually improving. And our web-based dashboard means you’re always in control.
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Digitize User Experience

Rapidly and securely deploy machine learning and AI solutions with meldCX’s existing API toolkit.

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