Intel & meldCX: Demystifying Computer Vision for the Hospitality Industry

Published on
August 6, 2021

Previously published on Intel's BrightTALK channel

Intel partner, meldCX, is on a mission to democratize the Internet of Things and lower the barriers of entry to digital transformation. In the hospitality industry, this means enabling hotels and restaurants to create rich, interactive experiences for guests through easy-to-deploy AI and intelligent edge technologies.

In this discussion, Intel's Joe Jensen and Raffi Vartian of meldCX, will cover how computer vision can address critical hospitality industry needs; why anonymous data is not only the most ethical, but also the most effective means to improve customer experience; and how to get started with transformative solutions, like touchless kiosks.

Presented by:

Joe Jensen, Vice President Intel, GM Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Education at Intel

Raffi Vartian, VP of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at meldCX USA

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