The meldCX agentM Emulator

Build highly scalable applications with zero configuration needed.
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Created for developers, by developers

The meldCX Emulator allows the developer to build their apps in a ‘near-native’ environment – without the need for physical hardware.
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develop without peripherals

Developing commercial applications for deployment in Kiosk mode can be challenging. The meldCX agentM Emulator allows your develops to build and test without the need for devices.

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work remote with ease

Setting up a home environment when working with peripheral devices can be time-consuming and costly. Allow your team the freedom to work anywhere with testing and debugging capacity within their browser.

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any device, any OS

Build your code once using the meldCX agentM emulator and run it on any device with any OS.

What is the meldCX emulator?

Real Device vs the agentM Emulator: When to test on what

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