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August 1, 2023
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meldCX was recently featured in an ebook penned by Simon Kriss for the Customer Experience Innovation Institute, titled The AI Empowered Customer Experience.

This comprehensive guide sheds light on the dual nature of AI, unravels its impact on customer experience (CX), and showcases practical use cases that empower both customers and employees.

The ebook delves into the captivating possibilities AI brings to the realm of customer experience, while also acknowledging the intricate challenges and potential risks that accompany this technology. By understanding both aspects, readers gain valuable insights into how AI can be harnessed to create immersive, seamless, and personalized customer interactions.

“Customer demand is constantly rising, and post pandemic customers expect a lot more in terms of experience as compensation for the effort of simply getting dressed and going out to a store, instead of shopping from the comfort of the couch," says Joy Chua, meldCX's EVP of Strategy & Development.

This ebook proves to be a great resource for individuals or companies considering implementing AI but lacking the know-how. Check it out:

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