meldCX partners with Channel Tools to drive customer experience using AI and intelligent edge technologies

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April 29, 2022
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Previously published on Channel Tools, written by Kewal Gupta.

meldCX announces signing a strategic agreement with Channel Tools, a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions. Channel Tools has now added the meldCX capabilities and platforms to the portfolio of solutions available through Tech Data. This agreement will allow meldCX to develop a sales channel in the EMEA region and will be delivered in cooperation with Channel Tools and Tech Data.

The technology from meldCX provides businesses with the technology to easily and rapidly implement IoT and AI initiatives, so they can capitalise on tangible benefits that it delivers. Experts in computer vision they can augment Vision AI capabilities to monitor anomalies and trends to provide logical and unbiased outcomes.

Kewal Gupta, CEO at Channel Tools, said: “meldCX capabilities and platforms, strengthens and extends our range of solutions and business outcomes driven by Vision AI. With meldCX platform we will now be able to deliver a simplified approach to model deployment at scale.”

Luke Foad, Sales Director EMEA at meldCX, added, “Meld are extremely excited about the partnership with Channel Tools & Tech Data to scale our operation in Europe. We are looking forward to replicating our success in US & APJC markets in simplifying Vision AI for our partner & customer community across the EMEA region.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the meldCX Platform and our strategic agreement, please contact us.

More about meldCX: meldCX’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals to create premier customer experiences through AI and intelligent edge technologies.

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More about Channel Tools: Channel Tools works with high potential, emerging and innovative technology vendors to support their growth and adoption with channel. In addition, Channel Tools provides comprehensive marketing services.

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