meldCX Core Platform is Named a Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended Product

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June 8, 2022
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All-in-one stack for powerful kiosk & signage, technically verified by Google and optimized for the Chrome OS.

ATLANTA, June 8, 2022 -- the meldCX Core Platform, an enterprise platform for organizations to build or re-use, deploy, and manage commercial applications for unattended commercial devices, has been named a Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution for kiosk and digital signage.

This certification comes after a rigorous technical validation process from the Google team, ensuring that the solution fulfills Google's high performance standards while offering the most secure, flexible, and efficient way to deploy unattended commercial devices.

Digital signage and kiosks have proven to be a successful way of attracting customers, with 80% of shoppers claiming to have entered a store because they got lured in by digital signage. Modern businesses that want to stay at the forefront of customer experience and staff efficiency should consider deploying kiosks or signage screens in their venues.

Yet, the process is oftentimes easier said than done. meldCX + Google are here to do the heavy lifting.

The meldCX Core Platform on the Chrome OS removes the complexities in kiosk and signage deployments, with features such as:

  • Low code / no code environment: For customers to build great experiences
  • Toolset to enable AI and Machine Vision: With ease for enhanced customer experience and automation tasks
  • A single endpoint dashboard: For remote control, management, and scheduling of content and apps, as well as devices deployment and troubleshooting, including AI based self healing and automated endpoint recovery
  • A robust developer portal: With the latest tools and integrations, allowing developers to focus on building the app, not the stack
  • Peripheral connection: Connect the kiosk or signage screens to peripherals (e.g. printers, payment terminals, card scanners, cameras) with ease
  • Increased security: All content is hardware encrypted. In an incident of attack, easily isolate devices, perform incident reports, and bring them back into a trusted state. Secure element backed certificates fully automated.
  • …And more.

"meldCX Core on Chrome OS provides all the building blocks you need to rapidly and successfully deploy kiosk and signage use cases," says Stephen Borg, meldCX CEO and Co-Founder.

"For developers who need support in app development, meldCX Core contains more than 1000 integrations so you can quickly get your app to market. If you are in operations, easily manage your devices and apps remotely via our cloud-first dashboard, the meldCX Cloud Console," adds Clinton Capuzzi, meldCX CTO and Co-Founder.

Learn more about meldCX Core on Chrome OS here (


About the Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended program

Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions on Chrome OS, which have been verified by the Google team to be optimized for the Chrome OS. Chrome Enterprise Recommended partners have worked with Google to extend the functionality, quality, security, and end user experience of their Chrome OS products.

About meldCX

meldCX’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals to create premier customer experiences through AI and intelligent edge technologies. Market leaders need applications that make customer and employee experiences more interesting and fulfilling — meldCX technology delivers the building blocks for their success. meldCX is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with teams in APJ, USA, and UK (EMEA).  

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