meldCX and Signagelive Announce Global Partnership to Enable Next Generation Data-Driven Digital Signage

Published on
March 23, 2022
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  • Drive engaging signage content based on actionable insights on the Viana™ by meldCX & Signagelive platforms
  • Schedule, manage content, and gather metric data on proof-of-play and view analytics 
  • Beyond signage data, have access to data on the entire customer journey with vision AI

meldCX, a customer experience company focusing on cutting-edge AI and IoT solutions, and Signagelive, a global leader in the digital signage industry, have today announced that they are partnering to bring the next generation of data-driven digital signage powered by AI technology.

Digital signage has proven to be a successful way of attracting customers, with 80% of shoppers claiming to have entered a store because they got lured in by digital signage. Yet, for a long time, the creation of signage content has been a one-sided process. There is no attribution model — little way of tracking the success of a signage campaign and its ROI.

Viana™ by meldCX and Signagelive aim to bridge that blind spot, revealing digital signage analytics that were previously untrackable, such as demographics data, dwell times, glances, and content view-throughs. Similar to viewing the analytics of a Youtube video, but for a physical store.

Once deployed, the digital signage data is easily accessible on an online dashboard, where organizations can also plan and schedule their content in real-time. 

Jason Cremins, the Founder and CEO of Signagelive said:

“Consumers have adopted digital channels en masse and are demanding more personalised care and engagement. Through our partnership with meldCX, we give organizations the tools to create that for their end customers.”

Thor Turrecha, meldCX’s EVP of Global SaaS commented:

“Signagelive is truly a pioneer in the digital signage industry. We are honored to partner with them in bringing vision AI technology to the market, which will lay the foundations for the next generation of customer engagement experiences in-store.”

Beyond signage, the vision AI solution also provides organizations with the ability to see the entire retail store experience. From in-store zone engagement, to shelf or product engagement via hand movement tracking, to any purchasing decisions in POS. 

For instance, a customer walks into a store and browses through the headphones section, before purchasing a speaker instead. What influences his decision? Did he glance at a signage ad of the speaker? Is it the product placement? How long did he spend browsing through the headphones section? 

All this can be tracked on the Viana platform by meldCX, unlocking powerful capabilities for organizations to create exceptional omnichannel customer experience at every stage of the journey. 

meldCX is a proponent of the responsible use of data.  “As a vision analytics company, we take privacy very seriously. Our solution does not see, view, or annotate any personal identifiable and sensitive live data in the cloud. All information is captured anonymously, and we don’t attribute it to individual identities unless permitted by the individual themselves,” Thor added.

The Viana by meldCX and Signagelive solution is available now. Learn more about it here.

About meldCX

meldCX’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals to create premier customer experiences through AI and intelligent edge technologies. Market leaders need applications that make customer and employee experiences more interesting and fulfilling — meldCX technology delivers the building blocks for their success. meldCX is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with teams in Sydney, Philippines, USA, and UK (EMEA).

About Signagelive

Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry with over 20 years of experience and powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across 46 countries, with a cloud-based platform.

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