Insight.Tech IoT Chat: Self-Service Tech Trends in Retail, Banking, and Hospitality

Published on
July 20, 2021
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Written by Kenton Williston, previously published on Insight.Tech

Self-service kiosks are changing the way consumers interact with retailers, banks, and the hospitality industry. Consumers no longer have to wait in line to get a rich, engaging, and personalized experience.

With new technological innovations, businesses now also have an opportunity to learn more about what their consumers want and implement new multichannel strategies.

In this podcast, we explore the changing role of self-service kiosks across all industries in 2021 and beyond with Dylan Waddle, Chief Operating Officer for global provider of kiosk solutions M3 Technology Solutions (M3t); Stephen Borg, Group Chief Executive Officer for AI technology company meldCX; and David Frei, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for worldwide kiosk manufacturer Pyramid Computer.

Join us as we dive into:

  • The growing interest in kiosks
  • The impact COVID has had on adoption of kiosks
  • Current and upcoming use cases for kiosks
  • The role of machine vision to create a seamless and connected experience
  • How businesses can get the most out of the kiosk experience

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