Transcend the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content that is based on real-time analytics. The ultra-lightweight meld canvas brings creative ideas to life and enables businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains.

Available in a variety of sizes including in a true square format, meldCX’s digital displays are powered by low voltage 24v speaker wires which reduces the need for expensive cable runs.

Together with the meldCX platform, the meld canvas displays allow you to talk to any content management system / content source without the need to develop or install a player. Simply use these screens like an Intelligent Canvas and spread content across them.

Imagine if you could do signage, without the hassles and without the need to consider the operating system. Other advanced features also include inbuilt NFC and inbuilt mounts.

Increase the potential of your signage device

In the past… 

Content needs to be catered and uploaded according to CMS specs, and it is hard to deploy and run multiple content sources.

With meldCX + meld canvas

It enables one or many content sources to connect from the cloud to cloud for quick and easy integration.


Curate digital content for physical spaces using unique authoring tools right from multiple content sources, such as Adobe Experience Cloud or your preferred CMS.


Centrally manage assets and content workflows and unify the signage experience and playlists from a single dashboard. All this with enterprise-grade permissions and approval workflows.


Deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time across in-store’s meld canvas signage using meldCX platform.


Capture audience analytics using Azure’s cognitive services and visualise using Power BI to tell its story.


Personalise experiences with data triggered content using meldCX, Microsoft IoT Hub and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Eliminate Install Costs

meld canvas lightweight design makes it easy to install and uses significantly less power, therefore reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

Request Spec Sheet

Request Spec Sheet

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