TEConnect Podcast: Exploring Extraordinary AI Use Cases

Published on
August 24, 2023
Raffi Vartian
Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
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Previously published on the TEConnect Podcast, a podcast that tackles news, trends and technologies impacting the IT reseller channel, software companies and hardware manufacturers.

Join meldCX's Raffi Vartian in a compelling conversation with TEConnectPodcast, discussing diverse implementations of AI and machine learning — from business to education.

Learn more about how we train our AI and machine learning model using synthetic datasets (similar to 3D simulations to mimic real world environments), to capture data stories for multiple customers across a variety of industries within the parameters of of data privacy and collection, so they can make data-driven decisions for their businesses.

Some examples you'll hear about:

  • AI Playground - melding AI with education, teaching students how to interact with AI
  • Elevating digital signage - set rules so you can automatically trigger content based on the audience persona viewing it
  • Behavioral insights such as theft detection and POI monitoring, for retail customers
  • And more!

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