5 Innovative Digital Signage Campaigns We Absolutely Love!

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April 26, 2023
Rachel Melisa
Marketing & Brand Manager
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63% people reported that digital signage catches their attention, more so than internet ads, TV, or traditional billboard advertising. 

Marry signage with AI technologies such as anonymous audience measurement and motion sensors, marketers around the world are realizing the power digital signage has in not only to show video content, but also to create a lasting impression through interactive experiences!

We’ve curated five of the most creative digital signage campaigns, so you can get inspired for your next big campaign:

1. British Airways: #LookUp campaign with plane-detecting billboards  

When you see a plane flying overhead, ever wondered where it’s going?

Placed in the ever busy Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London, the billboard detects British Airways planes flying overhead, and plays a video of a child running to chase plane with additional flight details such as “BA flight 475 from Barcelona” and a CTA link where onlookers can book flights from. See it in action:

Abigail Comber, British Airways’ head of marketing, said: “We all know from conversations with friends and family that we wonder where the planes are going and dream of an amazing holiday or warm destination. The clever technology allows this advert to engage people there and then and answer that question for them.“We hope it will create a real ‘wow’ and people will be reminded how amazing flying is and how accessible the world can be.”

2. Nescafe: Interactive Game

To promote their newly launched cold brew line, Nescafe is Shanghai set up an interactive signage at the People’s Square Station, where people can control a coffee bottle on screen with their bodies, collecting coffee drops to fill up the bottle in 30 seconds.

Once the bottle is filled up, they can then collect a free bottle of cold brew coffee from a vending machine nearby! Interactive and fun.

3. Pepsi MAX: Unbelievable Bus Shelter

With this campaign, the Pepsi team wanted to embody their tagline of “Live for Now”, leveraging the surprise factor to create a memorable experience.

Augmented reality technology gave the illusion the bus stop signage was see-through, allowing 3D rendering of unbelievable scenes to be 'mapped' over the live feed. As commuters waited they were faced with a UFO invasion, fiery asteroid attack, wild animals chase, and more!

This idea draws on the psychology concept of a flashbulb memory, which states that people will remember something more vividly if it is surprising, shocking, or emotionally significant to them.

4. Apolosophy Shampoo: Makes your hair come alive

An ingenious ad by Apolosophy Shampoo to promote their new shampoo line, deployed at a train station in Stockholm Sweden. 

The signage itself is equipped with motion sensors, displaying a woman with ridiculously good hair. As a train rolls in, her hair blows into her face in all its healthy, glossy glory. Everyone can have a hair moment in everyday situations, with Apolosophy Shampoo!

5. McDonald’s: Contextual marketing with weather reactive signage

A campaign that’s ready for summertime! Launched in 2019, this bright campaign features two of McDonald’s signature summer drinks: Strawberry Lemonade and Millionaire’s Frappe.

Weather API feed is connected to the signage content in real-time, adding in city name and temperature when it rises above 25°C. When the temperature drops, the city name and live temperature is removed from the content.

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According to an Accenture survey, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. 

Rightfully so — adding contextual information for that touch of personalization fosters loyalty, creates relevancy, and will ultimately any business’ boost bottom line.

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