Raffi Vartian

Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Communicator, Digital Signage Veteran, Father.

Lover of pelaton cycling and ice cream.

Raffi Vartian
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What does AI mean for digital signage and why does it matter? [VIDEO]

May 22, 2024
34 minutes
4 Minutes
Want to know how AI can advance your digital signage goals? How you can capture views and engagement metrics like you would a website viewer? A/B test your content to know which captivate viewers the most?

TEConnect Podcast: Exploring Extraordinary AI Use Cases

August 24, 2023
1 hour
4 Minutes
Hear about meldCX's latest AI deployments — spanning from enterprise to education.

Coffee and Conversations: What is video analytics?

February 1, 2023
45 minutes
4 Minutes
Join in on this discussion between Cisco's Mark Scanlan, Danny Vicente and Sabrina Maria Gonzalez, with meldCX's Raffi Vartian.

ON-DEMAND: Your Data Driven Journey to a Smarter Retail Experience

May 3, 2022
60 minutes
4 Minutes
Learn how video analytics can provide insight into customer buying patterns and behaviors, and be used to drive store sales and improve customer experiences.

meldCX & Signagelive: Measure the Impact of Your Digital Signage

March 25, 2022
35 minutes
4 Minutes
Explore how technology advancements such as vision analytics have allowed organizations to track glances and view-throughs just like how you would look at Youtube analytics.

Top 5 "New Normal" digital trends that will shape our future

July 2, 2020
5 minutes
4 Minutes
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation worldwide, effectively forcing us to become digital natives overnight. Here are the top 5 digital trends to keep your business afloat and stay competitive in the “new normal” world.

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