Why Maps in Facilities Should Go Digital

Published on
June 28, 2022
Thor Turrecha
EVP of Global SaaS
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Getting around large facilities can be frustrating, especially for first time visitors who are struggling to find their way quickly. You may have a concierge or overhead signages around, but the directions can be too confusing.

Locating a store, finding a restroom, or getting to an office appointment should have as little friction as possible.

Digital wayfinding innovates directional routing in complex spaces by empowering visitors to find their own way without the stress and at the comfort of a touchscreen kiosk or a mobile phone, making every visit delightful.

Show the way, in a new way

The way people explore their surroundings is getting easier than ever, with smartphones, tablets, and computers. The liberty to search online for maps and directories has made navigation so simple.

However, in complex facilities like malls, museums, campuses, and airports, those tools may not suffice. Digital wayfinding gives more context to visitors by showing the way, rather than just telling.

With high definition screens and amazing graphics, visitors are able to interact and get tailored guides to get from point A to B. It can show animated routes and even 3D maps for better visualization.

It also adapts to screens orientations, whether landscape or portrait, and can even be taken away to mobile through QR codes for when guests are on-the-go, creating a more convenient self-navigation experience.

Create growth opportunities

Apart from just a navigation tool, a digital wayfinder can work as a signage screen, letting you show paid ads. It may also be used for displaying promotion or running campaigns, as well as up-selling products or services offered within your space.

Moreover, it gathers anonymous user data to let you review and analyze behaviors. This help you optimize offers and come up with better strategies and business decisions.

Update content on the fly

Traditional printed maps become irrelevant in cases of renovation or rerouting. Relocations may also occur, which is impossible to catch up as printing takes much time to produce and the updates just keep coming.

A digital wayfinder can handle these necessary and frequent changes to floor plans or routes or other content, and do even more! It has the ability to display weather, news, and other timely information that’s relevant to you audience.

Integrating your brand identity into the wayfinder is also possible. Put your color and style to make it more personalized leaving your visitors with a good impression and positive experience.

A digital wayfinding solution is great innovation to the traditional maps. Its cutting-edge features make it a great tool for strategic growth in many industries with large, complex facilities or spaces.

Invest in a Good Management Platform

A good management platform lets you store all your content in one place, and manage your entire signage network with a few clicks. It allows you to create playlists, schedule content, keep up with your calendar, and track content performance.

Basically, it lets you take care of all of the above.

The best management platform is when you can create once, and publish everywhere. It allows you to stay on top of what’s happening with your network, wherever you are.

If you’re looking for flexibility and ease of use, nothing beats deploying your devices on the Chrome OS.

Learn more about how we successfully do digital signage app and content management here.

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