3 Proven Ways to Boost Engagement with Intelligent Content

Published on
May 25, 2020
Thor Turrecha
EVP of SaaS

Content Marketing is becoming more and more customer-centric – from personalised emails to localised content, even a responsive social media news feed. It has become a two-pronged approach of understanding an audience’s jobs, pain and gains, as well as providing them with relevant content to enhance their customer journey.

Personalised content adds value to our audience in that they receive relevant content based on their characteristics and preferences. An 18-year-old backpacker travelling the world is not interested in seeing ads of retirement homes, while a retired senior may not be keen on going cliff diving on a beach in an exotic locale.

Getting to know your audience gives you the opportunity to tailor the content you put out for them. From something as simple as personalised greetings in emails or using different CTAs, the audience feels valued, giving them a sense that we get who they are and what they want.

As discussed in AI and Content Marketing: 4 ways to produce Intelligent Content, Intelligent Content streamlines content creation and allows for automation, which is key to determine the content your audience demands and gather data about their responses. Making your content dynamic with AI tools, not only strengthens your intelligent content strategy, but also allows your business to make more relevant content that appeals to more of your audience.

Here are 3 things you need to know to get started with dynamic content:

1. Build a Marketing Database

Opt-ins and sign-ups allow for a more direct and accurate way of personalising marketing. The marketing database becomes a repository for any interactions with your audience. Having a CMS that automates the process allows you to spend more time creating great content to suit the needs of your audience.

2. Dynamic content rules!

As with any strategy, setting the rules for dynamic content should support your business objectives. Ultimately, it should also answer the question: “How can our content enhance the customer experience?”. Define your goals from the get-go, keep track of these goals and how they are progressing and set a time to re-evaluate further down the line.

3. Relevancy is key

In a nutshell, relevancy helps you reach the right people in an overwhelming sea of information. A fisherman won’t blindly throw its net hoping to catch something. Similarly, in a content marketing strategy, context creates relevancy. When you’re attracting the right audience, you’ll drive more qualified leads and in turn, increase the rate of conversions.

So how do you determine the best way to make content relevant? Using analytics tools, we can note patterns and triggers in customer behaviour. For example,  a person who is already a customer does not need to be pitched again; a female customer has different purchasing habits compared to a male customer and so on.

Visual analytics tools such as Viana by meldCX helps you gather customer data into actionable insights, so you can make data-driven decisions that hit targets and goals.

Article original posted as Intelligent Content Creates Value for Customers

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