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Westpac + meldCX:
Measuring physical spaces like a website

Through Viana™ a meldCX product, Westpac is able to leverage vision AI to make effective decisions to better engage their audience and increase business.
increase in campaign engagement*
*Indicative statistics based on customer feedback and specific customer use case.

The project enabled Westpac to have a baseline for how customers engage with content. They were able to increase the value of their existing screens, and make more content relevant to their customers.

Thor Turrecha (EVP of SaaS, meldCX)


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The Challenges

Westpac wanted to know how their digital signage campaigns are performing in-branch. This includes:

  • Finding out which screens attract the most viewers, who are viewing their content, and what content they have viewed
  • Tracking their content in-branch through metrics like how one would track a website
  • Providing a clear, measurable return on investment (ROI) from their digital signage network

Overall, they want to spend their budget efficiently based on content or campaigns identified to bring in the most conversions.

The Solution

Viana™ a product of meldCX is a vision analytics solution that combines IoT hardware and machine learning at the edge, with vision AI at its core.

Viana™ captures anonymous audience data through high-performance face mapping without keeping identifiable information - respecting audience privacy. 

Through Viana™, Westpac is able to derive what counts as effective content - content that will engage the audience and bring more value to the business. They can now make data-driven decisions about their DOOH spend, and efficiently plan out effective campaigns that bring in the most conversions.

Once a person enters its field of view, they are detected and counted based on their behaviour - 

  • How long they stayed
  • How long they paid attention
  • What they paid attention to

The Benefits

For Westpac, the combined power of both physical and digital channels results in improved onboarding of potential customers, a more personalised service for existing customers, more consistent information, use of conversation tools, better insights, and overall better customer experience - all through Viana™ by meldCX.

“We have partnered with Westpac retail branches to capture viewer data for their digital content, just like measuring impressions on a website.”
Thor Turrecha
EVP of SaaS, meldCX

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