Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Open Source License Acknowledgement – Viana


meldCX acknowledges certain third party open source software is used in our products.

Please note this is current as of 5th November 2020 and updated from time to time. Please contact meldCX if you require an updated list.

Azure Services

App Service, App Service plan, Static Web App (Preview)

Application Insights

Azure Blob Storage / Datalake Gen2, Storage account

Azure Cosmos DB account

Azure Database for MySQL server

Azure Database for PostgreSQL server

Azure DevOps organization

Azure Stream Analytics

Container registry

Data factory (V2)

Data Lake Storage Gen1


DNS zone

Event Grid Topic, Event Grid System Topic

Iot Edge

IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service

Key vault

Kubernetes service

Load balancer

Log Analytics

Network Watcher

Power BI

Stream Analytics job

Virtual machine

Virtual machine scale set

Virtual network, including:
– Network interface
– Network security group
– Public IP address
– Route table

Azure Functions

Google Services