Deploying Chrome devices is ultimately hassle free, and together with Google’s native cloud based remote administration service and Chrome’s advanced built-in security, they are perfect for mass-distributed rollouts.

Combined with the power of meldCX, it is easier than ever to develop sophisticated applications at scale for commercial use cases within this platform.

meldCX a Chrome-first platform for commercial solutions

The meldCX platform was the brainchild of our partners AOPEN’s Commercial Chrome initiative. Founded with the intent to make Chrome devices more accessible to commercial markets and applications, meldCX brings a fast and flexible system to create, control and commercialise apps for signage, kiosks and other unattended scenarios. 

With the expertise from the same team that designed the world’s first Commercial Chromebox (with AOPEN and Google), meldCX are uniquely positioned to unlock the advantages of Google Chrome devices for your business.

Our deep knowledge on all facets of both the underlying OS and unique hardware design, along with having direct access to Google’s Chrome Enterprise Product teams, meldCX push the boundaries of what is possible with a cutting edge, next generation platform.


meldCX a Certified Google Cloud Partner with Premier Status

The meldCX team work directly with Google to provide continuous feedback and input into the Chrome OS and the Chrome Enterprise roadmaps.

Working in collaboration with the Google Chrome Enterprise Product team, meldCX offers innovative product development and IoT solutions that enable new capabilities for your next project. The only limit is your imagination.


meldCX makes the complex simple on Chrome

The Chrome platform is celebrated for its tremendously tight security, but with low level APIs available, it has actually been quite resource intensive to build complex and sophisticated commercial applications. When it came to the baseline logic required for peripheral integrations, developing on Chrome often depended on specialist skills related to the applicable peripheral type and brand itself.

Today, meldCX offers a set of easy to reference libraries that streamline development cycles, and enable teams to focus on delivering business outcomes, as opposed to having to build low level functions. This m-library opens complex communication channels and knows how to interact with a range of peripherals making it simple to navigate the previously challenging underlying security design of Chrome devices.

Since your development teams do not have to build drivers from scratch themselves, meldCX lays the foundations for you to deliver rich commercial applications more quickly and seamlessly than ever before.

Witness the magic of meldCX on Chrome Devices

With a deep understanding of Chrome devices, and the hardware layer that underpins the OS, meldCX can do what many have found impossible. Experience the unprecedented capability of the platform to:

Leverage the local storage to operate completely offline in critical environments

Store and schedule multiple applications on the device to cater for the appropriate business needs throughout the day. App functionality is never compromised if web connectivity is disrupted.

Natively communicate with peripherals

Print directly to commercial printers (receipts and label printers), take direct payment and run commercial biometric identification directly from the Chrome device.

Run multiple apps at the same time inside our container

Get your app up and running quickly and easily on a Chrome device without the need for complex configurations, or to update the Chrome Webstore.

De-bug your app in real time

See live device, app and device logs for monitoring your Chrome device remotely.

Let meldCX manage the platform, so you can focus on your app

meldCX can also provide a Hosted Device Management Service for Chrome Enterprise, which means we let meldCX control all aspects of the Chrome platform.

meldCX can control all the administration policies, including Chrome OS updates on your device fleet, so that it is always aligned to the version of your app.

With meldCX on Chrome Devices, you can update your app as many times as you wish or run multiple apps at the same time, always maintaining multiple version of your app in meldCX without the need to post to the Chrome Webstore.


Zero touch deployment with meldCX on Chrome

Let meldCX control all settings and updates for you. We have refined the deployment of a Chrome platform rollout to a fine art – with a custom white glove service, and generated keys, you can install your devices without plugging in a keyboard, screen or mouse.

meldCX x Chrome in the real world – Respond52

Learn how meldCX on Chrome devices has provided Respond52 with the confidence to get to an emergency as quick as possible with the best crew and the most information.