In Their Own Words: Being okay with the unpredictable

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November 3, 2021
Roque ‘Korr’ Valmoria
ICT Business Analyst
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This article is part of a series exploring what it means to maintain a positive mental health, in a world that seems to be constantly moving, unpredictable, and oftentimes stressful. Here are the words from everyday meldCX team members who are living it.

Roque "Korr" Valmoria, or Korr, as his friends call him, has had an unconventional journey into his career.

Many moons ago, he spent time studying Computer Science at university. He did a stint as a Developer on his first job, before being roped into the business world. 

“I honestly don’t know how I became a Business Analyst. But now I am grateful, as my science background allows me to think both technically and strategically when faced with a business problem.”

Now, five years into being a Business Analyst, Korr absolutely loves it.

Through this experience and many more, he has become a big proponent of keeping an open mind and being adaptable to whatever life throws at him. 

Hi Korr! Could you share with us what day-to-day work is like for you?

My day-to-day contains a lot of spreadsheets! My job involves interacting with the end customers, creating user stories, building technical requirements, and verifying with both internal and external teams that business requirements are fulfilled.

It involves a lot of communicating — I become the bridge between stakeholders. As well as ensuring that project timelines are adhered to.

You didn’t end up in the career path that you initially envisioned. How have you approached that?

Love what you do and do what you love.

I love what I do not because this is what I dreamt of, but this is the best I have at the moment — as life has taught me the willingness to accept changes and adapt as it happens. 

Loving what I do has given me the first step to self-fulfilment. I became motivated and inspired to produce excellent work. I have been more optimistic and more accepting of the challenges. I became more creative as my ideas flowed more freely.

Loving what I do has given me joy that has reflected on how I treat people around me, which has helped me have a better and healthier relationship with them. Do not live a life on autopilot, and start loving what you do and experience true happiness so we may inspire others.

When faced with big life decisions, how do you ensure you have a clear mind to make good choices?

By prioritizing my problems!

I prioritize based on how it affects myself, my future, and the people around me.

I do not believe we live in an ideal world where we can solve every problem—so I don't.

If the impact is low, then I will probably shake it off. I do not give much attention to those problems that are not solvable. 

Instead, I take lessons from them to have better choices. Every day is a battle, and I believe solving day to day problems is happiness, but giving your attention to what matters the most is wise.

When work life becomes stressful, what do you do to unwind?

Definitely by pursuing my hobbies and other passions outside of work.

I have a wide range of interests but I am most passionate about taking care of exotic invertebrates and plants.

Korr's collection of pets and plants!

I also play instruments like the piano and violin to compensate for my not-so-beautiful singing voice, unfortunately. 

These activities are like meditation to me.

Watering my plants in the morning whilst reflecting about life, staring stupidly at my invertebrates whilst they eat during my leisure time, or playing instruments when I feel emotional...

On days where I feel down or stressed, these activities keep me sane.

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