Future Vision: Winning the gaming & entertainment industry with Vision AI

Published on
April 22, 2021
Ana Banaynal
Account Manager
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In today’s world, data is the new gold, and data analytics play an important role in contextualizing and curating experiences. As such, it is crucial to the gaming and entertainment industry, where experience is the key to thrive and grow.

How, then, is data gathered to create meaningful experiences in physical space? Our quick answer: Vision AI.

Here are 5 ways to use Vision AI in the gaming and entertainment industry, and win with data in the new normal:

1. People counting and audience measurement

Designed to help humans “see,” computer vision helps businesses understand who their patrons are and how they interact within gaming and entertainment spaces. With anonymous person detection and face mapping, metric data can be tracked and converted to human data, such as gender, age, and moods. Moreover, it gathers data on zone occupancy, dwell times, and traffic flows.

In casinos, for example, you’ll discover how many patrons and staff are inside to determine occupancy, the top persona and their journey between zones, most played games, and other rich, actionable insights.

2. Security, theft and fraud prevention

One of the earliest and most common use cases of Vision AI in the gaming and entertainment industry is security. As many games involve money and alcohol, casinos, gaming arenas, and arcades are prone to theft and other raucous behavior.

Face detection software does vision security with increased accuracy. Coupled with anonymous audience measurement and object detection, video data and analytics can be used to detect persons of interest, as well as possible fraud in gameplay, so that teams are able to respond quickly.

In an entertainment scenario, Vision AI can help detect suspicious people, objects and behaviors in music festivals or concerts, and could potentially prevent theft and even terrorism.

3. Compliance to cleanliness and safety mandates

After the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, an entire NBA basketball season, hundreds of concerts, and the closure of casinos, theatre, and arenas across the globe, people may come out either too excited or too afraid to get back to leisure activities.

The gaming and entertainment industry should prioritize compliance with social distancing, wearing face masks, and sanitation mandates to confidently re-open.

Vision AI solution SAMi tracks hand-to-surface data and sends alerts to cleaning teams when contact thresholds are reached to comply with safety mandates. This helps ensure surfaces of arcade games and other high-touch areas are safe for patrons to use.

Face masks and person-to-person distance can also be tracked in crowded places and events, so patrons get the best entertainment experience in a clean and safe way.

4. Optimization of operations

Who is my top patron? What games do they like to play? How long and how much do they spend with these games?

Real world data answers these questions, and Vision AI solution Viana is able to transform them into visual stories. Having the ability to “see” what’s going on will help gaming and entertainment businesses optimize floor plans, what games or movies to put forward or take away, staffing, and operations as a whole.

5. Programmatic advertising

Audience data (demographics, moods, engagement level, apparels) are key to creating segments, and subsequently, ads for those segments. As many gaming and entertainment environments use digital signage, the ability to trigger content programmatically helps achieve the goal of providing curated experiences.

For instance, create rules so that advertisements containing alcohol or tobacco will be shown only to a certain age demographic and within a certain time-of-day.

In conclusion, data and analytics is imperative to create better gaming and entertainment experiences, and there’s no better and faster way to do it than with Vision AI.

Guarantee safety and cleanliness in re-opening your business, as well as re-engage customers and staff in the new normal! Book a demo to learn about Viana.

This article is an installment of our Future Vision series, where we tackle insights on Vision AI disruption across industries.

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