Now in partnership with leading manufacturer AOPEN, Windows devices are ideal hardware for commercial applications, such as digital signage.

Deploying Windows devices is a great way to help reduce the complexity of managing today’s modern IT device environment. Now, with the power of meldCX, it’s easier than ever to develop sophisticated applications at scale for commercial use cases. We’ve built an incredible stack, so you can build incredible apps.

meldCX a Certified Microsoft Partner

The meldCX team works directly with Microsoft to provide continuous feedback and input into how meldCX integrates with Windows devices. Working in collaboration with the Microsoft Windows team, meldCX offers innovative product development and IoT solutions that enable new capabilities for your next project. 

Azure IoT is a comprehensive IoT portfolio that enables companies to create, customize, and control all aspects of a robust, scalable and secure IoT solution. Azure IoT Edge lets you seamlessly deploy and run serverless computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning directly on your IoT devices. The only limit is your imagination.

meldCX enables you to build secure, robust applications for the world’s most familiar operating system

With meldCX, you can quickly develop and deploy smart apps for commercial devices such as digital signs, POS devices, and self-service kiosks, in the language of your choice. Easy-to-use APIs and modern web standards take the complexity out of things such as peripheral management and usage, payment processing, and data storage.

meldCX lets you leverage Microsoft’s experience in fast, fail-safe solutions

meldCX means ongoing zero-touch maintenance, and easier upgrades and scalability. With AgentM, a component of the meldCX platform that connects to the mCloud, you can remotely configure each device, including power states, app configuration, and the app scheduler, through a single, powerful dashboard.

Witness the magic of meldCX on Windows Devices

With a deep understanding of Windows devices, and the hardware layer that underpins the OS, meldCX can do what many have found impossible. Experience the unprecedented capability of the platform to enable:

Rapid innovation

meldCX enables you to overcome the difficulty of building the right software stack and creating applications with advanced capabilities, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Faster time to market

meldCX enables ISVs, OEMs and other solution providers to get their products to market faster to stay competitive, while enterprise customers and other businesses can reduce time to value for the solutions they implement.

Easier to manage and scale

meldCX is a flexible platform that lets you combine technology from multiple vendors to create powerful IoT solutions, deploy interoperable apps that can talk to each other and work together, and easy scalability, which is the key to ongoing growth and innovation.

Competitive edge with IoT

meldCX enables you to get ahead of the game when it comes to IoT, being built on the powerful Azure IoT services, letting you capture data and enhance insights across your organization.

meldCX allows you to reach global markets with Microsoft’s expertise in enterprise scaling

The Internet of Things present challenges when it comes to building the right software stack and creating applications with advanced capabilities, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, slows innovation and increases costs. But with meldCX, you can get apps out the door more quickly at lower cost, with a platform that delivers exceptional scale to keep your business ahead of the market.

Let meldCX manage the platform, so you can focus on your app

The meldCX platform provides individual solution modules that enable additional services and capabilities—including machine learning, visitor sign-in, self-service ordering, and digital content management—that can be added at any time in any combination, or rebrand and sold as your own product offerings.