SAMi monitors surface area touches and makes them visible, allowing for strict cleaning efforts while tracking compliance. 


Powered by Viana™

Viana™ vision analytics delivers camera-driven solutions that bring Vision AI to the forefront. Train machines to see like humans, with the aim of assisting humans.

Anonymous 24/7 monitoring

View timely visualisations of surface touches via your Viana™ dashboard, allowing your cleaning crews to focus on the right target areas.

Set and forget

Set clean-up notifications when a specific surface reaches a certain set clean time interval, human proximity or contact threshold.

SAMi for Environments monitors public surface areas.

Cameras track all active spaces and mark all surfaces exposed to staff and customer interaction.

  1. Cameras monitor hand-to-surface interactions, visualised by a heatmap.
  2. Once interactions reach the threshold, a checklist of areas for clean-up is generated and staff are notified.
  3. A clean-up team disinfects the area based on the checklist.


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SAMi for Devices monitors public touch screens.

Lightweight app running in the background tracks screen touches and marks all touch points.

  1. Lock mode: When reaching the limit of the interactive threshold, a lockup message appears, blocking the full screen and preventing any interaction. 
  2. Clean mode: When the clean-up personnel responds to confirm the start of the clean-up session, the clean-up standby screen is shown. Dots scattered on the screen represent the concentration of touches made.


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Have all-access view of all surface and device touches on your Viana™ dashboard


When a clean-up threshold has been reached, SAMi sends an alert of the clean-up requirement.


The clean-up team reviews the extent of the requirement and conducts the clean-up.


Once complete, the cleanup team inspects every marked surface and completes the checklist.

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