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"The pandemic has accelerated the demand for contactless services and we continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our guests. "

Stephanie Linnartz  (President, Marriott International)


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The client

Marriott International is a globally recognised hospitality provider, operating across 131 countries with over 30 brands and 7,000 properties under its wing. Marriott’s portfolio includes a range of luxury five-star hotels, to budget stays and long stay apartments.

Contactless convenience

As the world looks forward to the new normal, consumers are demonstrating a preference for organizations that go the extra mile in providing peace of mind, convenience, and choice. 65% of travelers surveyed by The Travel Technology Association say that accommodations will need to use the latest technologies to make them feel safe.

Marriott International prides itself in offering premium guest experiences across its fleet of hotels. As a purveyor in hospitality, they want to offer an alternative to the front-desk service, giving guests the convenience to check-in and check-out with minimal staff interaction. 

Having multiple brands under its wing, the solution had to work across multiple systems, while providing a consistent experience across various Marriott brands in different locations.

The solution

In collaboration with the Marriott team, meldCX delivers end-to-end smart concierge kiosks for Marriott. These kiosks allow guests to:

  • Check-in & get room keycards
  • Make secure payments
  • Validate their Marriott Bonvoy membership
  • Check-out & get a receipt of their stay sent to their email

As a thoughtful touch, antimicrobial technology has also been baked in the touchscreen glass, ensuring kiosk users are protected from harmful bacteria that may be passed person-to-person.

Multiple OS, one platform

Marriott presented meldCX with a challenge to support a consistent code base and experience across multiple operating systems and brands which can be profile based. 

For example, if the kiosk would be used at W Hotel, the user interface and lighting highlights would follow W Hotel branding and colours - which are hues of red. If the same kiosk is used in Sheraton, the user interface and lighting would follow Sheraton branding and colours, which uses hues of blue. (The image above depicts kiosk design for Moxy - with pink as its brand colour.)

meldCX enabled all the kiosk brand personalisation and colours via the meldCX cloud, to match the branding of the hotel.

meldCX was chosen for its ease of development of current technology using meldCX cloud api while maintaining device reliability  in particular with peripheral management, integrations, ease of integration with legacy technologies and application management on Chrome OS. 

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"The new offerings are an added benefit to the personalized hospitality we are known for, and we look forward to enhancing our customer experience by blending contactless services with dedicated in-person interactions."
Stephanie Linnartz
President, Marriott International

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