Burnley Football Club + meldCX

Enhancing Retail Operations at Stadium Club Shop

Through Viana™ by meldCX, Burnley Football Club gains insights into anonymous customer behavior and tracks relevant buyer patterns in the club shop of their home ground stadium.

We're currently at an exciting phase at Burnley FC. The data gathered from Viana have been eye-opening, providing us with actionable insights that we can utilise to strengthen our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for our members and fanbase.



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Burnley FC, founded in 1882 and based in Lancashire, England, competes in the Premier League. Their home ground, Turf Moor, established in 1883, is one of the earliest purpose-built training grounds in football history.

With a capacity of 21,944, Turf Moor offers fans various facilities, including offices, VIP suites, a medical center, and a club shop for official merchandise.

The Exciting Opportunity

Burnley FC faces a multifaceted need to manage rapid growth in relations to their fanbase and to enhance shopping experience.

Optimising fan engagement — With a growing fanbase and attendance at Turf Moor, managing foot traffic and resources efficiently has become increasingly challenging.

Revenue generation within their stadium — Boost sales in their club shop through improving experience for shoppers.

The need for data on foot traffic and consumer behavior enhances their ability to allocate resources and tailor products to demands more efficiently.

Harnessing the Power of Vision Analytics

Viana™ by meldCX, in collaboration with Intel®, enables Burnley FC to extract the right insights, in the right place, at the right time. Two use cases were deployed:

People Counting efficiently tracks foot traffic in the shop through various entrances, capturing insights on demographics such as gender, age range, and sentiment.

Zone Engagement anonymously monitors customer activity and behavior in shop sections such as Clothing, Checkout, and Entrance. It also uses "pins" to mark points of interest, such as subdivisions within the Clothing Section like Leisurewear, Retro, and Accessories, to see which are the most popular.

Actionable Data-Driven Insights

For Burnley FC, Vision Analytics has proven to be invaluable. With Viana, they now can:

Access near real-time data on visitor volume

Gain insights into demographics

Enhance their understanding of the shop’s customer base and adjust offerings accordingly

Conduct in-depth analysis of customer preferences and shopping behaviors

Optimize layout, product placement, and the overall shopping experience to enhance customer service

The end result is greater efficiency, reduced complexity, increased sales, and a more personalized customer experience at the shop.

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