Stephen Borg

CEO & Co-founder

Stephen Borg is a solutions-driven strategy development leader specialising in identifying and creating opportunities in greenfield markets. His background is in capability development and research-led strategy with a particular passion for lateral problem solving and creating tailored results to satisfy partners and their customers.  

Stephen Borg
Posts by this author

Yellowfin BI & meldCX: AI Facilitates the Omni-channel Experience

December 2, 2021
17 minutes
4 Minutes
Learn how organizations use their endpoints to redesign the in-store customer journey, expand their dark warehouses and facilitate the omni-channel experience with vision AI.

Yellowfin BI & meldCX: Computer Vision and AI Increases Customer Conversion for Retail

October 7, 2021
47 minutes
4 Minutes
See how meldCX & Yellowfin BI have delivered off-the-shelf AI solutions for major Australian retailers, increasing conversions through gathering real-time insights.

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