Prof. Dr. Maarten de Laat

Co-director C3L, University of South Australia

Maarten de Laat is professor of Augmented and Networked Learning and co-director at the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L), University of South Australia. His research focuses on learning and value creation in social networks. He uses practice-based research methodologies to study the impact technology, AI, learning analytics and social design has on the way social networks and communities work, learn and innovate. Maarten is co-chair of the international Networked Learning Conference and editor of the Springer book series on Research in Networked Learning.

Prof. Dr. Maarten de Laat
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Intel® Edge AI Tech Talk: Gamifying Education with AI

October 5, 2023
51 minutes
4 Minutes
See how we're breaking ground in education with our AI Playground initiative, built in partnership with Intel and the University of South Australia.

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