Barbara Sinsley

Chief Legal Officer

Chief Legal Officer at meldCX. When she’s not building, drafting or negotiating complex transactional matters for global FinTech companies, she enjoys hiking, followed by a cold IPA 🍻

Barbara Sinsley
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Artificial Perception of Human Appearance: Tracking the Pattern, NOT the Person

February 8, 2022
4 minutes
4 Minutes
How do AI machines mimic human intelligence? What do they SEE? How do they THINK? Here is the lowdown. Take a peek into the mind of a machine.

Thoughts from our Chief Legal Officer: Post-COVID-19 hospitality technology and consumer privacy

June 19, 2020
6 minutes
4 Minutes
Hospitality businesses are amongst those that are most affected by the lockdown imposed during COVID-19 pandemic. As hotels reopen their doors to guests, how can management ensure the health & safety of its guests and employees, whilst maintaining compliance with consumer privacy?

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