24/7 Antimicrobial Protection for Touch Screens

Protect your self-service and frontline devices with Kastus® antimicrobial screen protection and Project SAMi, a meldCX monitoring, control, and cleaning vision analytics feature.

Imagine if you could place hygiene protocols and maintenance metrics at the heart of your solutions spread. 


As we increasingly rely on touch screens in our day-to-day life, it is clear that we need to find ways so that public-facing shared devices don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. The issue of bacterial contagion and spread can be tackled both at a device-level and through AI-powered software solution.

Why meldCX + Kastus antimicrobial screen protector?

A game-changing patented 24/7 antimicrobial touchscreen surface coating. 

  • Scientifically proven to block 99.9% of harmful bacteria on glass surfaces
  • Delivers ‘always on’ antimicrobial protection to shared touchscreens and personal devices, such as tablets and smartphones 

How does the antimicrobial protection coating work?

While visible light is the primary method of antimicrobial activation on a coated surface, Kastus protection technology also contains a patented ingredient that blocks bacteria growth in the dark. Ensuring 24/7 protection in the light and in darkness too.

Monitoring Surface Cleanliness with Vision Analytics 

SAMi, short for Surface Awareness Management intelligence, ensures that your solution is systematically cleaned by using touch data or various maintenance metrics to decide if your screen needs to be cleaned. 

Set up the individual metric thresholds to trigger an event in the meldCX Cloud Console (mConsole

Send notifications via text or your preferred messaging platform to your cleaning crew. Once cleaned, the crew can then respond to the notification and clean the device for the next user. Time of the user who has cleaned the screen can also be logged.

Available in a variety of popular touch screen sizes:



AOPEN Chromebase Mini 


AOPEN eTile15 & CTile 15 


AOPEN eTile 19 Series


AOpen eTile 22” Series and Chrombase Commercial

*Customised screen sizes are also available.

Please reach out to marketing@meldcx.com

Your all-in-one antimicrobial kit! 

A box of meldCX + Kastus antimicrobial screen protector contains the following:

  • Antimicrobial screen protector in your choice of size
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Dust removal sticker
  • Applicator squeegee
  • Application instructions

Book in a time to learn more about antimicrobial screen protectors.