“Working with meldCX is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons and boom, you are there. The time savings itself has been hugely beneficial for us outside of everything else that meldCX can offer.”

Tuning businesses in to the power of music

Nightlife Music is Australia’s premier music subscription service for business delivering highly tailored entertainment solutions to clients, unlocking the potential of music in public places.

Eyeing off global expansion

Nightlife’s main product used to be an android app that ran on an off-the-shelf device. The operating system limited the functionality they could deliver, the set-up was time-consuming, and a deployment taskforce had to install software and physically go to each site to maintain each device.

With almost 4,000 clients in Australia and recent international growth, Nightlife wanted to continue expansion of their business, particularly into new sectors and global markets. They also wanted to improve their offerings and reduce their deployment and maintenance overheads, but the limitations of their system were making this difficult.

Accelerate and scale with ease

Nightlife chose meldCX as the platform to build apps for their AOPEN devices. This immediately delivered four clear benefits:

  • They have significantly more time to focus on building a much better product with more features that customers want
  • The cloud platform means they get apps out the door much more quickly, at what they refer to as “an unprecedented scale”. “That is what meldCX does, it brings our product to life, and we can scale it at ease, at a cost that has made the whole process so accessible.”
  • They quickly detect any problem in the field, recover from the problem rapidly, and prevent it from happening again
That is what meldCX does, it brings our product to life, and we can scale it at ease, at a cost that has made the whole process so accessible.

Gaining that competitive edge

Reduced resources: With remote management executed on meldCX’s dashboard, they’re using far fewer resources to manage their apps.

More apps deployed more quickly: They’re enjoying rapid deployment of their products, which means they can get more—and better—apps to market more quickly…it used to take about 45 minutes to configure an installation of their flagship product, crowdDJ, but now it takes just 45 seconds.

Business growth: With more time to focus on enhancing their partnerships and building new ones, they have been working closely with music streaming giant, Spotify. As a result, they’re using meldCX to create a platform for consumers to select and import tracks from Spotify to play in gyms, event stadiums, hotels and restaurants, opening up new global markets for them.


Solution available on Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

meldCX has helped us accelerate how we reach our clients, and how we can deliver a service that will meet and exceed their needs.
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