Did you know that shared touch devices can be a breeding ground for viral infections?

As businesses reopen, it is important to take the extra steps to make sure your customers are protected. 

Enhance your touch devices with antimicrobial & antiviral screen protectors from meldCX & Kastus®.

Durable Protection

Permanently blocks up to 99.99% of bacteria*. Proven results against the human coronavirus, MRSA, and E. coli on touch surfaces.

Hydrophilic & Eco-Friendly

A non-leaching coating that is easy to clean and good for the environment.

Invisible Finish

An ultra-thin, invisible coating that has no impact on touch sensitivity of device aesthetics.

Anti-Shatter Protection

Made out of tempered glass. If exposed to impact force, the screen protector glass will crack but never shatter.

Visible Light Activated

Activated by visible light indoors and out – not reliant on UV light.

Software Pairing

meldCX also has an AI-powered surface monitoring and cleaning compliance software – SAMi, available now. Book a demo!

What’s different about Kastus® screen protectors?

✔️  Breaks down bacteria once it comes in contact with the glass

✔️  Once put on, “always-on” 24/7 protection

✔️  Thin and durable tempered glass with 9H hardness

✔️  Independently tested in labs around the world (ISO 27447 test)

Give your customers & employees the confidence to interact!
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