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Experiment meldCX through a live one-on-one demo with one of our experts. You’ll have first-hand look on how to achieve the following:

1) Device Management

screen feed, remote reboot, health monitoring

2) Application Management & Development

container app logs, application logs, app scheduling, app versioning, webview apps, google slides, packaged apps (offline apps), app pre-config

3) Network & Data Management

networking panel

4) Integrations

Point of sale, Payments, CRM

5) Application Development

Media Web Component Library

meldCX kiosk builder framework*

6) Peripherals support

Receipt Printer, Fingerprint, Scale and other commercial peripherals

7) Additional Support & Materials

support helpdesk, training and materials

Data allowance: 1GBDevice/Month
Data storage: 1GB/Device/Month

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